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Maine has been home to Cynthia Fraser Graves for all but a few years of her life. Born in the western Maine town of Rumford, she moved to the seacoast community of Kennebunk in 1970 and still calls the area home. Always drawn to writing, it has only been later in life that she has had the opportunity to fully immerse herself in her craft. In the years since retiring from a career in education, her award-winning nonfiction, inspirational prose and poetry have been published in journals and magazines including Sacred Journey, Edge Life, Living with Loss, Poets Against War, and the Guideposts publication Angels on Earth Magazine. Passionate about the characters and stories that spring from her life and imagination, Cynthia imbues them with wisdom, humor, metaphysics, and a definite Maine flavor. 

Her books include Eyes Like Jewels, an early collection of poems; a memoir, Never Count Crow: Love and loss in Kennebunk, Maineand a novel titled Dusk on Route 1. A second novel, poetry and essay collection, and children's book series are now in the works. Cynthia is gratified to have arrived at this time and place in her life, when she can do what she loves best as her life’s work. She is excited about the soon-to-be-released revised edition of Dusk on Route 1 (Androscoggin Press, 2019) and always enjoys communicating with her  readers (she reads and responds to emails with pleasure!).                         Above: Cynthia on holiday in France enjoying the gardens of Versailles.