Cynthia Fraser Graves

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Praise for Dusk on Route 1

“Prepare to be forever changed by your journey through this complex story of loss, grief and redemption. I warn you, Dusk on Route 1’s well developed characters straight from the coast of Maine and their stories will haunt you!”

Linda Leedy Schneider, Author of Some Days: Poetry of a Psychotherapist, Founder of The Manhattan Writing Workshop and Workshop Leader for The International Women’s Writing Guild

“This is a very delicate, but real treatment of the overwhelming effect of grieving a loved one. My heart ached for the protagonist as she pretended to be part of society when she was so broken, and I held my breath as she struggled to find her way back to life and love. Beautifully written book with characters one can identify with in many ways!”

Cheryl Gillespie, coauthor of Compassionate Journey: Honoring Our Mothers’ Stories

“With a cast of lovable and true-to-life Mainers in Dusk on Route 1, Grave’s lyrical language whips up the winds, invests magic in monarchs in the snow, and, as a Christmas Eve blizzard rages, takes us with her troubled heroine on a fabled journey from disappointment and despair to new hope as she reconnects her mind and her heart.”

Ursula Morin, M.A., Poet